Smart Network Power Manager (8-IEC Socket)-16Amp – SD8C0816

Professional Network Power Management System is widely applied to the data centers of industries like network communication, telecom, electric power, finance, insurance, aerospace, transportation, information processing, education, medical, E-government etc.

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Control System

• Switch on/off individual outlet

• Set the threshold of total load current

• Set the threshold of individual load current Set the delay of outlet sequential switching

• Clear the total energy consumption (kWh)

• Clear the outlet energy consumption (kWh)

• Set the threshold of temperature and humidity

• Set the work mode (master or slave)

• Support external WIFI

Alarm System

a. System default alarm

1. When overload occurs

2. When Threshold of outlet load current is exceeded

3. When Threshold of temperature and humidity is exceeded

b. User defined alarm

1. Set the threshold of total load current

2. Set the threshold of outlet load current

3. Set the threshold of temperature and humidity

Accessing Method

• Web based, support multiple browsers like IE, and Firefox etc.

• SNMP (V1/V2C/V3), Telnet, RADIUS

• Serial Access

Monitoring System

• Total load current Outlet load current Input Voltage

• Total energy consumption (kWh) Outlet energy consumption (kWh) Power Factor

• Total power (kW) Outlet power (kW)

• On/Off state of each outlet

• Temperature and Humidity state    Max. 2 T/H sensors on standard version)

User Management

• Different user permission configuration

• Outlet Alarm permission configuration

• Set the permission to clear the energy consumption(kWh)

Alarm Method

• LCD displays the alarm and buzzer sounds

• Web interface show the value exceeded in red

• Send E-mail automatically

• SNMP sends trap alarm information

• Logical port outputs level signal


Output characteristics

Socket Rated current Outlet qty Rated output voltage
IEC320 C13 + LED 10A 8 250VAC

Input characteristics

Rated input voltage Input terminal type Cable specification The max input current
250V~ 50/60 Hz IEC60309 2P+E 16A plug 3×2.5 mm², 3M 16A


Length (mm) Width (mm) Height (mm)
482.6 216 44.4