Core i3-4330 CPU*1, 500GB HDD, 4GB RAM, LED, 18ports (1LAN/1WANfixed) – NU-870C

Exceptional Performance and Consolidated Security Features
NU-870C adopts best-on-class multi-core x86 CPU platform to deliver exceptional performance and intelligent network security features. ShareTech develops high-performance security modules and delivers enterprise-class security modules, high connection capacity connectivity, and supports USB instant recovery.

IPv4 / v6 Dual Mode
Native dual-stack supported. To cope with IPv4 depletion, ShareTech provides a solution that covers both IPv4 and IPv6 network and can be configured for IPv4 only, IPv6 only, or to support both protocols simultaneously. Furthermore, all ShareTech appliances have been certificated with “IPv6 Ready” logo.

Supports SDN Controller
Being the core of an SDN network, SDN controller is designed to manage flow control to enable intelligent networking. Based on protocols, the controller configures network devices and chooses the optimal network path for application traffic. IEEE 802.1Q VLAN is supported to provide a degree of isolation by dividing the network into isolated islands as if provided by separate physical networks.

SSL Inspection
To protect your network from network threats, SSL inspection is the key used to unlock encrypted sessions, see into encrypted packets, find threats, and block them. Several security features that can be applied using SSL certificate inspection are IPS, gateway anti-virus, web filtering, application control, and QoS.

Inbound/Outbound Load Balance
Outbound/inbound load balancing are provided for distributing incoming HTTP requests across multiple servers, improving server utilization and maximizing availability. When one of the links is down, the other link will take over the work and handle the traffic until troubled one returns to normal, in either manual or auto distribution mode. Built-in DNS server functionality that enables inbound Load Balancing distributes inbound data traffic over multiple WAN links to computers behind UTM for more reliable network connectivity.

Intrusion Prevention System (IPS)
Built-in IPS inspects the packets from OSI layer 4-7 (transport to application layer) and block concealed malicious code and worms delivered in TCP/IP protocols. As soon as an attack is suspected, IT administrator will be notified immediately and later an extensive range of reports will be available for analysis. ShareTech regularly updates the predefined attack-signature database and makes it available as IPS security package.

Advanced Threat Defense
In addition to firewall, Intrusion Prevention System (IPS), and virus scanning, NU-870C can monitor malware or threats within traffics based on analyzing flows, webpages, and email. By performing different security mechanisms, business network is given more effective and profound protection against active cyberattacks, targeted attacks, and sophisticated malware.

For companies that have deployed mail servers in their network environments but lacking of advanced filtering, NU-870C can be placed at gateway to secure your email and get simple and powerful protection from spam, virus and malware.

NU-870C for large enterprises offer Clam AV for virus scanning which can detect over millions of viruses, worms, and Trojans. Once suspicious emails are detected, the administrator can decide to delete or block them. Moreover, websites will be scanned once the function of anti-virus is enabled in policy. Customers may choose to purchase a Kaspersky module for their security needs. (NU-870C contains 1-year Kaspersky license.)

NU-870C employs multi-spam filters: ST-IP Network Rating, Bayesian Filtering, spam characteristics filtering, fingerprinting, auto learning, and personal B/W list. It also gives administrators the flexibility to enforce custom filtering. These help industries create their own database by importing the latest spam update. Following actions like forward, delete, quarantine can be taken on the mail identified as the spam. Email accessed by users from LAN to DMZ can be especially filtered and logged.

IP Traffic Streams Analysis
Outgoing/incoming concurrent sessions, upload/download flow, and time duration are flow parameters collected for packet-based traffic analysis. Using a combination of pattern matching can determine whether an activity is performing normally or abnormally. If employee are violating the rules and exceeding more downloading flow, IT administrators are allowed to define the trusted IP list and take appropriate actions to block network access, limit maximum bandwidth, blocking ports on switches (Co-Defense), or simply receive notification.

QoS offers more agile bandwidth management for industries and organizations. All the servers and users can be configured their minimum and maximum bandwidth; the remaining bandwidth will be allotted to the other users according to their configuration.

Content Filtering
IT administrators can configure Web filtering profiles that block URLs to inappropriate webpages like violence and pornography and hacking attacks like malware and virus. Moreover, UTM filters out ActiveX objects, Cookies or Java applets that may pose a security threat in certain situations. Both keywords and URLs of specified websites can be added to Blacklist and Whitelist.

URL Database
Built-in URL database collects almost 1, 000, 000 URLs and updates every period of time without additional charge. All these URLs and their contents were analyzed and classified into 12 categories, including Aggressive, Audio-Video, Drugs, Gambling, Hacking, Porn, Proxy, Redirector, Spyware, Suspect, Violence, and Warez. IT administrator is able to block any category in the database with ease without entering keywords or desired URL addresses one by one.

WEB and Email Records

Record each user online behavior (computer name, IP address, MAC address, and traffics) time stamps, items and locations

Record incoming and outgoing mail (Webmail) and their attachments pass through the mail gateway

Email is saved in an .eml format that can easily be viewed and searched

Flow Analysis

No matter whether internal users’ computers are on or off, flow analysis tools can display real-time statistics, protocol distribution list, and rankings of traffic flows.

Application Control
In order to prevent data leakage and ensure regulatory compliance, the access to applications which unrelated to work should be controlled during working hours. NU-870C can enforce policy for applications like P2P, VOIP, GoToMyPc, Webpages, Games, Media Player, Bit Torrent, Foxy (Gnutrlla), stock market, Instant Messaging, Xunlei, Gator, Yahoo Manager, Virus and Malware, file name extension, Kazaa, Facebook, etc.


Graphical Reports
ShareTech reporting allows administrators to custom how the chart types (bar, pie, line, and table) or texts will be displayed at the top of the report. NU-870C displays operation status for the time frame specified (day, week, or month), including CPU, RAM, modification times, security level and flow monitor reports.

Remote-Access VPN
Remote-access VPNs allow secure access to corporate resources by establishing an encrypted tunnel across the Internet. The ubiquity of the Internet, combined with VPN technologies, allows organizations to cost-effectively and securely extend the reach of their networks to anyone, anyplace, anytime. ShareTech offers IPSec, PPTP, and L2TP VPN technologies on a single platform with unified management. IPsec VPN securing the site-to-site connections allows headquarters and their branch offices to be on the same network and sharing resources among offices. Moreover, PPTP and L2TP VPN offer point to point connection for employees working at home. Employees can get access to industry’s network securely and easily.

SSL-based VPNs provide remote-access connectivity from almost any Internet-enabled location using a Web browser and its native SSL encryption. It does not require any special-purpose client software to be pre-installed on the system. For remote clients, there are two different types of access. One is access to the internal network and the other is access to the Internet over VPN server. Administrators can control over bandwidth usage, VPN service and time from both accesses.


Compare Compare

ShareTech NU-870C is the next phase of technology change which will help service provider to launch the services in single click, delivering exceptional performance, superior multi-layered threat protection, and role-based administration to medium and large businesses.

NU-870C carries advanced protection across your network security deployments: Deep Packet Inspection (DPI), In-Line IPS, SSL Inspection, Web Filtering, QoS, virus scanning, spam filtering and external authentication to prevent potential attack launched by hackers and legitimate authorized users from accessing network. Moreover, High Availability (HA) is supported to ensure smooth network operation.

As with Next-Gen UTMs offering future-ready security, NU-870C delivers a full range of Layer 2-7 switching which can be a great replacement for a L3 core switch. Furthermore, it unifies and deploys consistent security policies across both wired and wireless networks, centrally manage and monitor internal wireless APs and switches. ShareTech also introduces a cloud-based service system providing a new way to deploy, operate, and manage distributed networking appliances. When anomalies occur in network traffic, the system sends notification to IT administrators and help them to resolve issues quickly.


Guardian of Gateway Security
NU-870C fully integrates firewall, Deep Packet Inspection (DPI), virus scanning, IPS, SSL Inspection and blocking, moreover, extended APT prevention is provided to stay one step ahead for improved compliance and security.

Stateful packet inspection (SPI) firewall technology exams the packet header and destination port for authentication and checks the entire packet’s content before determining whether to allow its passage into the network. SPI firewalls can drop any packet that identified as potentially dangerous and automatically blocks DoS, DDOS, and UDP Flood attacks.

Web filtering to block HTTP/HTTPS access

Intrusion Prevention System (IPS)

Application control

Virus scanning and spam filtering

Network traffic monitoring and Co-Defense


Integrated Next-Gen UTM and Layer3-7 Switching into One Single Appliance
NU-870C is an integrated appliance that combines the security features of Next-Gen UTM and layer 3 core switch, upgrading management from Layer 3 routing capability to the higher application layer. It is a real-world firewall with 18 gigabit Ethernet ports, firewall throughput up to 24 Gbps, and improved VPN throughput of 2 Gbps.

ShareTech NU-870C differs from other competitors in multiple physical Gigabit Ethernet interfaces, allowing IT administrators to bind ports into port groups.

Going beyond the traditional Layer 3 routing mechanism among port groups, DPI is embedded as an advanced method to filter packets functioning at the application layer and allows business to be much more precise in their control of what enters or exits the network.


Supports SDN Controller
SDN controller is designed to be in charge of translating the requirements from the SDN application layer down to the SDN data paths and provides the SDN applications with an abstract view of the network.

While the traffic is sent from the underlying systems to the selected destination, application-layer (Layer 7) management can be applied for higher-level functionality.

Transferring traditional UTM to SDN structure delivers a seamless, hassle free experience to medium and large businesses.


Data Loss Prevention (DLP) and Application Control
DLP detects potential data breaches / data ex-filtration transmissions and prevents them by monitoring, detecting and blocking sensitive data. Having application layer firewall technology, NU-870C is able to inspect both HTTP and HTTPS packets and prevents losing sensitive information or subsequently acquired by unauthorized party.

Unique DPI performs traffic signature analysis by inspecting all packets for new application signatures, score up the signatures, and append them to the relevant database. More importantly, having recorded these collected data will be available for future audits.

Supports for protocols and applications, including video streaming, peer-to-peer communication, social networking, and instant messaging

Detailed control over file sharing, remote control, VoIP, online games, browsers, etc.

SSL/HTTPS Inspection

Cloud database updates


Single-Pane-of-Glass Dashboard
NU-870C dynamic dashboard in the web user interface (web UI) presents a graphic view of the system status including concurrent connections, application classification, network resource usage, HTTP or HTTPS traffics and intrusion defense to help in tracking and diagnosis. IT administrators are given visibility into the network users, their devices, and their applications.


Complete VPN Solutions
Using IPsec, PPTP, L2TP, and SSL VPN connections, NU-870C provides data confidentiality, data integrity, and data authentication. At the same time, popular protocols such as web, SMTP, and POP3 that contains packets transmitting within tunnels are able to be controlled.

Supports IPSec, PPTP, L2TP, SSL and GRE Tunnel

Supports DES, 3DES, and AES encryption and SHA-1/MD5 authentication algorithms

SSL VPN mobility client for Android and Apple iOS

Controls connectivity of remote sites from the central site


Cloud-based Management
Eye Cloud is a next-gen cloud service platform providing user friendly interface to support instant equipment maintenance and management. It is an all-inclusive solution to monitor various networking appliances deployed in either external or internal networks such as UTM, wireless APs, or switches. When anomaly occurs, administrators will be notified of the problem.

Central management system designed for multi-site network security appliances deployments.


Threats Defense

(Anti-Virus/IPS/SSL Inspection)

1.        Uses open source Clam AV engine with huge database includes millions of signatures

2.        Kaspersky module (Optional); built-in 1 your for NU-870C

3.        Clam AV team has fast response time, updates signature regularly and requires no yearly subscription fees

4.        Provides IPS attack-signature database

5.        IPS risk management is divided into 3 levels (high, medium, and low)

6.        Provides scalable SSL inspection

Malicious URL Filtering
(URL & Databases)
1.        Provides URL filtering and database

2.        URL filtering policies are allowed to be configured by administrators

3.        IT administrator can add keywords or URLs to Black/White lists

Firewall Security 1.        Coordinated DoS/DDOS attacks and UDP Flood performed by hackers can be blocked automatically.

2.        QoS provides bandwidth guarantees and a priority command can be given for min/max bandwidth guarantee.

3.        Limit the bandwidth using source IP in both directions

4.        Supports IPv4, IPv6, and Dual Stack

5.        Supports load balancing and failover for both outbound and inbound traffics

6.        Provides DNS service and Dynamic DNS services

Potential Risks Detection
(Flow Analysis)
1.        Flow/behavior-based anomaly detection allows both up and down sessions to be analyzed and see if a performance problem exists

2.        Following actions can be taken when an anomaly occurs. An anomaly can be recorded, blocked, and notify subscribers.

3.        Integrated with advanced switching technology, Co-Defense can be applied to protect the internal network.

4.        Prevents ARP spoofing

5.        Manages switch port mapping that gives an instant view into the operational status and speed of each port.

Mail Security
(Anti-Spam, Mail Filtering)
1.        Employs multiple spam mechanisms: ST-IP network rating, fingerprinting, Bayesian filtering, auto learning, auto-whitelist, system and personal Blacklist/Whitelist and spam characteristics filtering.

2.        Offers Email virus scanning

3.        Offers Email auditing, advanced filtering and quarantine

4.        Client-side spam mail search is available on web-based interface

5.        Additional actions such as quarantine, delete, blocking IP, and carbon copies can be performed to all mail.

6.        Searching recorded email are available

Application Access Control 1.       Multiple application categories e.g. P2P, IM, VOIP, Web, WebMail, game, video, spyware, stock and others.

2.       Administrators can use policies to prohibit their users from accessing to applications

User Identity
1.        The host computers are established to ensure user identity and also supports the use of LDAP, Radius, AD or POP3 servers for authentication.

2.        Desired user groups can be customized

3.        Applies access control methods

4.        Provides authentication record and connection status

Content Record 1.     Logs all incoming/outgoing emails with delivering date and time

2.     Archived email is exported in. eml format

3.     Records browsing history

Load Balance 1.        Ensuring the network is never disconnected

2.        Provides inbound & outbound load balancing

3.        Users can assign load balancing automatically, manually, or by source-destination IP

4.        Built-in Smart DNS Server

VPNs Connection 1.        IPSec and Site-to-Site PPTP and L2TP VPN

2.        Reliable SSL VPN connection

3.        Users can create, edit, and control over VPN connections

4.        Supports IP Tunneling and definable policy control

QoS 1.        Supports QoS

2.        Supports bandwidth guarantee, max/min-limit, and priority commands

3.        Bandwidth usage from the internal/external source IP can be limited

4.        Efficient priority scheme is available

Operation Modes NAT, Routing
Logging & Reports 1.     Multiple event logs can be centrally logged and monitored. And it includes configuration, networking and route, objects, services, advanced protection, mail security, VPN, etc.

2.     A report includes a statistic table, ranking grid, bar/line graphs, and pie charts.

3.     Provides analysis of debug, system performance, intrusion attempts, and tracking.

Virtual Server IP Supports virtual server that data flows can be transmitted to any of the other ports without using any switch or router
High Availability Building a cluster and hot standby of two or more ShareTech devices is available
Bulletin Board Announcement can be made to employees in a very effective and proper way
Diagnostic Tools Standard net tools such as Ping, Traceroute, DNS lookup, and port scanner are available to help users identify and fix connection problems.
Others 1.     The network is divided in zones and a zone can by managed by SDN

2.     Administrators can select authorized users and assign access conditions

3.     Automatic disk check can be scheduled

4.     Supports SNMP

5.     Supports VLAN 802.1Q

6.     LCM display

7.     Data backup and mount