Water Quality Tester C-600

Fast and accurate detection: Adopt high precision probe,which enables quick and convenient water total dissolved solids(tds) test.

7-in-1 TDS Mete: TDS,EC,PH,SALT,S.G,ORP, 7 different measurement needs can be fulfilled by one water tester meter.

Large screen display: It adopts high-distortion STN thin and fully transparent LCD screen to display 4 digits and the corresponding physical quantity unit.

Wide test range: The wide range of tests makes it suitable for a variety of applications such as drinking water, swimming pools, hot tubs, laboratories, hydroponics, aquariums, well water, tap water, etc.

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Product Specifications:

Waterproof Level: IP67

Temperature: ATC 0-60°

Operation Environment: 0-60.0°C ( 32.0-140°F); RH 100%

TDS Factor: 0.5

Temperature Range: 0.1-60.0 32.0-140°

Temperature Accuracy: ±0.5

Temperature Resolution: 0.1°C/°F

Automatic Shut-off: 5 minutes

Display: LCD digital display

Backlight: Backlight Optional

Attention: Clean the electrode after using

Battery: 3*1.5V (LR44 )(Not included)

Screen Size: 33*24mm Dimension

Weight: 183*37*37mm(7.2*1.5*1.5in)/90g(3.2oz)