Atom-3558, 1TB*1 HDD, 4G RAM, LED, Multipe Domains – MS-6420X

Mail Firewall

An inbuilt firewall manages and filters all inbound and outbound email traffic to protect organizations from email-based threats. Added detections such as anomaly flow, authentication failures, and sender confirmation deliver deeper levels of protection for defeating today’s increasingly complex attacks.

Mail Gateway
When coupled with industry-leading real-time antivirus and spam scanning, ShareTech MS provides fast and accurate email security that does not affect end users or delay their communications. MS Servers can be deployed in the gateway mode to defend your mission-critical email systems.


Multi-Layered Spam Filtering
ShareTech MS employs multi-layered spam filtering, including keyword/hyperlink filtering, multi-RBL check, ST-IP network rating, greylisting, Bayesian filtering, fingerprinting, and spam characteristics to filter out unwanted bulk email messages before system overload. Personal black/whitelisting can be defined and enforced flexible policies for high-accuracy spam filtering. Moreover, the system provides link filtering with a database to avoid receiving emails with malicious links.


Spam Mail Auto-Learning System

Phishing techniques are more and more challenging to deal with nowadays. ShareTech developed a spam mail auto-learning system to analyze emails’ details and find the possible danger. Through data sharing, the auto-learning system will handle all the complexity of spam mail issues and stop malicious attacks.


ShareTech Sandstorm-Malicious Programs Filtering System

ShareTech Sandstorm compares attachment files with the database, such as files in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, ZIP, or RAR format, detecting unknown threats. Suspicious emails will be quarantined and will not have the opportunity to affect the operation of the email system.


Protection against Ransomware

Transport rules provide the ability to examine email subjects, attachments (zip/rar), and file extensions as a defense against ransomware attacks. A built-in URL database is also provided to block fast-spreading ransomware threats delivered through malicious attachments and URLs.


Clam AV is provided for virus scanning, detecting millions of viruses, worms, and Trojans. Once suspicious emails are detected, the administrator can delete or block them. Moreover, websites will be scanned once the antivirus function is enabled in policy. Customers may choose to purchase a Kaspersky module for their security needs.


Hard Disk Health Checker

Not all hard drive crashes are random. The solution proactively monitors several parameters on a hard drive and warns you when specific parameters are degrading or reaching their threshold. Users are given more time to store data safely and back up important files.


SMTP TLS for Email Transmission
Whether users read email messages using SMTP, POP3, or IMAP, TLS can help to secure transmitted data using encryption. It also authenticates servers and clients to prove the identities of parties engaged in secure communication.


Certified Mail
Email authentication helps validate the identities of the Administrative Management Domain (ADMDs) which participated in transferring and possibly modifying a message. Users’ emails can be digitally signed with an electronic stamp. The digital signature is published for anyone to read at any time. Should you need to prove at some later stage that you sent your email, the attached signatures provide admissible certifiable proof that your email was posted on the date and time specified.


Mail Content Filtering
ShareTech mail server can filter out inappropriate content defined by your organization’s acceptable use policy. Policies can be set up, specifying which mail to allow, block, quarantine, delete, block the sender’s IP address, send notifications, or send carbon copies. Its inbound filtering engine is capable of detecting spam and malware by customizing signature keywords and specific domains before users get affected.


Mail Record and Backup
Incoming and outgoing emails, including attachments, will be automatically and timely backed up to a local disk, the network neighborhoods, or a remote FTP server. Administrators can easily monitor email traffics by searching keywords and reasons behind blocking.


Personal Data Protection
ShareTech mail server protects personally identifiable information such as ID number, credit card number, phone number, mobile number, and date of birth. Whether it is employee or customer data, companies are obliged to protect the personal information stored on their network.


SPF / DKIM / DMARC Authentication

Sender Policy Framework (SPF) defines a process to validate an email message sent from an authorized mail server to detect forgery and prevent spam. DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM) allows an organization to claim responsibility for a message in a way that the recipient can validate. Moreover, Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting and Conformance (DMARC) is added to allow a sender’s domain to indicate that their emails are authenticated by either SPF or DKIM and tell the receiving mail server what to do if neither of those authentication methods passes.


Distributed Architecture
The architecture provides multi spots and the capacity to handle mass mail for enterprises, governments, or schools. Users from different departments can send/receive emails through the sub-server whose database, accounts, and mail records are in sync with the main server.


Hassle-Free Mail Migration
The replacement problem can be alleviated by supporting a phased migration while setting up a new server. Existing user accounts and emails can be imported within a few minutes without worries of message loss due to human errors or domain migration. Administrators can create user accounts automatically, manually, or integrate with AD servers.


Role-Based Administration

In large organizations, administrator level access is likely granted to more than one person. Role-based system administration can assign administrators different levels of access to specified management functions, such as mail record, account management, system management, logging, auditing, statistics, POP3 proxy, etc.


Statistics Reports
A scheduled statistic report can include network traffics, POP3 traffic, personal information, mail distribution, quarantined messages, worst passwords ranking, sources of spam mail, etc. Administrators can modify reporting properties and customize the display of reports for your business requirements.

High Availability (HA)
ShareTech mail server offers additional survivability-never-fail network. The slave server will take over the master server to ensure email service continuity once device failure occurs.


POP3 Proxy
POP supports simple download-and-delete requirements for access to remote mailboxes. Email clients are allowed to access the same message in different POP sessions. ShareTech mail server acts as a stand-alone messaging server with full SMTP email server functionality, including flexible support for secure POP3, IMAP, and Webmail access.


ShareTech equips users with Outlook-like Webmail, a browser-based (as the default HTTP and HTTPS handler) multilingual IMAP client with an application-like user interface. Webmail has additional user-friendly features for managing your email, such as preview, login auth., drag-and-drop, mail content-type related, quick content lookup, personal rules, personal signature, multi-layer folders, shared folders, auto-reply/forward, and delayed delivery.


Cloud HDD (Shared Folders)
ShareTech mail server supports a web disk-like platform that allows users to store, synchronize, and share content on a relative core and assign access permission from any device. Users have a personal storage space to create folders, download/upload files, and categorize data into preferred management.


Email Compression and Encryption
Email compression and encryption can provide industries with more robust protection between gateway/individual endpoints. Administrators may select users to convert mail messages(.eml) to PDF files or encrypt and compress email attachments to protect sensitive data in email. Recipients have to use the password to access the file and view the original email and its attachment(s) in PDF Reader.

System Backup and Disaster Recovery
Users can restore the configuration files from a USB drive. When regular operations are interrupted, disaster recovery can be performed. If the mail server does not boot from the installed image, it can be booted using a USB drive. Moreover, when the mail server operates normally, the installed image can be upgraded by performing a USB boot operation.


Webmail Two-Step Verification

People often use the same password on different websites. However, once users click a phishing URL or download a malicious file, their passwords can easily be snatched. ShareTech Webmail now equips with two-step verification. Users can set up LINE notifications or backup email addresses to secure their webmail. You can keep your account safe even if the password is exposed.


Signature Line (Email Disclaimer)

Automatically add company signature line and email disclaimer on outgoing email. Users can set up different content for different domains. Besides, administrators can also exclude the accounts and IPs from the group policy.


Integration of Outlook Contacts & Google Calendar

Use Outlook Connector to keep your Outlook contacts (including contact group) synchronized with ShareTech Webmail, delivering a better user experience. Besides, Webmail Calendar also combines with Google Calendar. Users can check personal and business schedules simultaneously and organize events on one single page easily.


Webmail calendar allows you to manage appointments via drag & drop and inline editing. It also supports calendar overlays to allow simultaneous viewing (side-by-side) of shared calendars. ShareTech provides APP to sync Webmail with mobile devices (e.g., iPhone, iPad, Android phone & tablet); your appointments are automatically synchronized wherever you are and always up to date.


Compare Compare

The fact that email has great importance in modern business communication is undeniable. ShareTech mail server preserves previous mail server features to install in minutes, virus-free and spam-free protection, multiple domains, mobile device synchronization, and complete mail backup to manage nuisance traffic and handle attacks hidden in bulk email.

In addition to complete mail security, ShareTech now also provides spam mail database sharing and ransomware defense. In order to keep up with the fast-growing diverse applications, the MS series has the most advanced cross-platform collaboration features to benefit both administrators and users. It is an all-in-one communication platform with comprehensive solutions. ShareTech manages to maintain four important themes (security, filtering, record & backup, and cloud) to offer clients more choices and optimize business productivity and efficiency.


Increased Effectiveness of Mail Security

• Supports 64-bit OS 3.0, high-performance x86 server platform optimized email solutions

• Advanced URL database to filter the content of the email, decreasing the risk of ransomware attacks

• Uses the Clam AV anti-virus engine, Kaspersky module can be purchased for enhanced security

• Distributes server environments to use a single domain

• General disclaimers and digital signatures can be stamped on outgoing emails by centrally managing users’ signatures

• Optimized anti-spam engine 3.0 with lower CPU usage and spam mail auto-learning system

• ShareTech Sandstorm detects unknown malicious attached files

• Equipped with 2 SFP+ 10GbE ports to meet the high-speed network environment

• SPF, DKIM, and DMARC authentication protocols to enhance mail security


Mail Traffic Auditing  and Monitoring

• Content-level filtering to enforce corporate email policy to be in place for employees

• Provides specific group policies for departments to use email more effectively

• Provides multiple filtering mechanisms to protect sensitive personal information from leakage

• Policy-based email auditing for inbound or outbound email


Record-Based Mail Backup and Restore

• Records content of all emails and provides fast lookup

• Automatic backup can be scheduled and performed

• Disaster recovery provides complete data backup and restores capabilities

• Protects business data with Offsite Backup

• Supports High Availability (HA) to continue services in the event of system failure


Personal Webmail Use

• Mailbox quota can reach 30G per user

• A new user account can be enabled right after the administrator review

• Mail APP syncs contacts and calendars with your smartphone

• Users can easily access all Cloud HDD (shared folders)

• Events can be scheduled in both personal and group calendars

• Delayed email delivery to avoid accidentally sending embarrassing messages

• Provides personalized signatures, automatic reply, automatic forward, POP3 Proxy, and customized email address policies

• Two-step verification ensures the security of user accounts (LINE, Backup email, Google Authenticator)

• Large files will be transfer automatically to a hyperlink. Users also can create hyperlinks for files in Cloud HDD


Basic Settings    Installation completed in minutes by adding hostname, domain name, DNS and migrating accounts

Distributed architecture operated in slave mode

Multi-domains and company-wide automatic email signatures

When server authentication is completed, SSL-secured communication and Start-TLS commands are supported to transfer email.

Quarantine management

Restricts the number of recipients

Authentication identifier

Sends large files with hyperlinks

Supports secure HTTPS and SSL connections

Incoming emails can be automatically or periodically forwarded or routed all to another email account of your choice.

Web-based administration includes port number allocated for administrators and users, SMTPS, POP3, POP3S, IMAP, IMAPS, DNS, Webmail, Push Mail, etc.

Email authentication

POP3 servers support server-side.

SMTP Proxy

Mail Firewall    Mass-mailing activities and attacker’s source IP addresses can be clocked directly.

Anomaly detection

Blocks dictionary attack which attackers try to guess a users’ accounts and passwords.

Checks consistency between email headers and reported sender.

Blocks traffic hierarchically

SASL implementation.

Audit Filtering    Policies can be set up to specify which mail to allow, block, quarantine, delete, block sender’s IP, send notification, or send carbon copies.

Administrators can authorize email administrators to process important email according to organization’s policies.

Personally identifiable information includes ID number, credit card number, phone number, mobile number, and date of birth. (Optional)

Audits incoming and outgoing email

Mail Record    Email record

No backup for internal mailing

Record lookup

Anti-Virus    ClamAV anti-virus engine

Anti-virus engines scan incoming and outgoing mail. Administrators are allowed to quarantine the virus-infected mail, change its file extension, or receive notifications.

Kaspersky module (Optional)

Spam Filtering    Multi-layered spam filtering including ST-IP networking rating, Bayesian Filtering, Bayesian auto-learning, Fingerprinting, and spam characteristics, etc.

Auto-learning for spam filtering

System Black/White Listing

Personal Black/White Listing


IP Reverse

Content Filter: URLs

DKIM authentication, SFP authentication, and abnormal sender detection.

Spam mail database sharing.

Spam processing and notification

ShareTech Sandstorm    The malware database is divided into three categories: low risk, medium risk, and high risk.

Malware quarantine area.

Account Management    Accounts can be created by using multiple account applications. Administrators can create users accounts automatically, manually or integration with AD servers.

Group account management

Department accounts

Self-service account creation application

Password expiration periods

Logging & Reporting    Detailed logging includes Webmail login and administration. The search interface allows you to lookup Email, SMTP, lists, events, blocking, shared folders, account application, download hyperlink, system, POP3, auditing, personal data, certified email, etc. Supports for full-text search (FTS)

Logging of blocked mail

Log-storage period

Flow statistics

A rich set of reports on log, mail traffics, mail distribution, Top N ranking, etc.

Mail & System Backup    Data backup via Samba, FTP, or USB flash drives.

Source data can be backed up to different folders, at different intervals, to maintain multiple copies.

Selects what data gets backed up.

Scheduled backup

USB instant system recovery.

System Management    IPv4 / v6 Dual Stack

Anterior MRTG

Distributed Architecture management

Privileged account management

Shared contacts

Scheduled firmware update

A variety of diagnostics tools

High Availability (HA)

Scheduled reboot

SSL certificate

Uninterruptible Power System (UPS)

Eye Cloud Management

Mailbox recovery


Others    Mailbox quota can reach 30G for a single user.

Webmail two-step verification

Personal POP3 Proxy

Mail sending postponed and mail retrieve

Cloud HDD file sharing

Google Calendar sync

Supports E-paper system

Organization units can change device name and display your company logo.

Dual-Stack DNS Servers

Restores mailboxes and individual email messages

Supports for multi-language interface (Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, and English)

Mail APP (Both iOS and Android system)