1000BASE Tx1310 / Rx1550 SM SC Simplex (BiDi) SFP Transceiver with DDM– 20KM – FSFP-C2-S35-20D

• Compliant with 3ah 1000BASE-BX10-U

• Compliant with Fiber Channel 100-SM-LC-L

•  Compliant with INF-8074i SFP MSA

• Hot Pluggable

• 1310nm FP laser transmitter

• Simplex SC connector

• 2-wire interface for management and diagnostic monitor compliant with SFF-8472

• Single +3.3V power supply

• Link distance 20km over SM fiber

• RoHS Compliant

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FSFP-C2-S35-20D Small Form Factor Pluggable SFP transceivers are compliant with the current SFP

Multi-Source Agreement (MSA) Specification. The high performance uncooled 1310nm FP transmitter and high sensitivity PIN receiver provide superior performance for Gigabit Ethernet 1000BASE-BX10 and Fiber Channel 1GFC applications up to SMF 20km optical links.


• Gigabit Ethernet 1000BASE-BX10 @1.25G

• Fiber Channel 1GFC @1.0625G

Laser Safety:

• This is a Class 1 Laser Product complies with 21 CFR 10 and 1040.11 except for conformance with IEC 60825-1 Ed. 3., as described in Laser Notice No. 56, dated May 8, 2019.

• Caution: Use of control or adjustments or performance of procedure other than those specified herein may result in hazardous radiation

Absolute Maximum Ratings:


Parameters Symbol Min. Max. Unit
Storage Temperature TST -40 +85 °C
Storage Relative Humidity RH 5 95 %
Supply Voltage VCC -0.5 +4.0 V

Recommended Operating Conditions:


Parameters Symbol Min. Typ. Max. Unit
Case Operating Temp. (FSFP-C2-S35-20D) TOP 0 +70 °C
Case Operating Temp. (FSFP-C2-S35-20Di) TOP -40 +85 °C
Supply Voltage VCC +3.13 +3.3 +3.47 V
Supply Current (FSFP-C2-S35-20D) ICC 250 mA
Supply Current (FSFP-C2-S35-20Di) ICC 280 mA


Transmitter Electro-optical Characteristics:

VCC= 3.13V to 3.47V, TOP = 0 °C to 70 °C (FSFP-C2-S35-20D); TOP = -40 °C to 85 °C (FSFP-C2-S35-20Di)


Parameters Symbol Min. Typ. Max. Unit Note
Operating Data Rate DR 1.0625 1.25 Gb/s
Optical Launch Power Po -8 -2 dBm 1
Optical Center Wavelength λc 1260 1310 1360 nm
Spectral Width (RMS) Δλ 3 nm
Optical Extinction Ratio ER 9 dB
Optical Eye Mask IEEE802.3z
Relative Intensity Noise RIN -120 dB/Hz
Differential Data Input Swing VIN 180 1200 mV
TX Disable Input Voltage-Low (TX ON) TDISVL GND 0.8 V
TX Disable Input Voltage-High (TX OFF) TDISVH 2.0 Vcc V
TX Fault Output Voltage-Low (TX Normal) TFLTVL GND 0.8 V
TX Fault Output Voltage-High (TX Fault) TFLTVH 2.0 Vcc V

Note1: The optical power is launched into a 9/125μm single mode fiber.

Receiver Electro-optical Characteristics:

VCC= 3.13V to 3.47V, TOP = 0 °C to 70 °C (FSFP-C2-S35 -20D); TOP = -40 °C to 85 °C (FSFP-C2-S35-20Di)


Parameters Symbol Min. Typ. Max. Unit Note
Operating Data Rate DR 1.0625 1.25 Gb/s
Receiver Sensitivity SEN -23 dBm 1
Maximum Receive Power PRX-MAX -3 dBm 1
Optical Center Wavelength λc 1530 1570 nm
LOS De-Assert LOSD -24 dBm
LOS Assert LOSA -38 dBm
LOS Hysteresis LOSHY 0.5 dB
Differential Data Output Swing VOUT 600 1000 mV
Receiver LOS Signal Output Voltage-Low LOSVL GND 0.8 V
Receiver LOS Signal Output Voltage-High LOSVH 2.0 Vcc V

Note1: Measured with a PRBS 27-1 test pattern @1.25Gbps BER<10-12.